Monday, November 2

Elle | My baby

Good Monday morning! Yes I woke up at 6:30 like the rest of you because of the glorious time change! At least we awoke to a beautiful day! Sun's shining. 70 something degrees. Perfecto. I let Elle out, checked my email in my office, turned around and saw this:

When Elle was younger we'd forget that we put her outside and she'd stay out there for an hour before we let her back in. {she's a house dog. ;} She also used to gobble down whatever vegetables/fruit we'd throw her way, including carrots, cucumbers, bananas, even edamame! I threw a carrot at her yesterday and she dropped the thing from her mouth like "What's this?" And only an hour earlier I gave her a handfull of stale chips-- you'd think she'd be thankful it wasn't dog food!-- but she just let them fall on the floor!

Crazy puppy. Thankful for this big ball of fur! Nowadays she goes potty then sits and waits by the door "Let me in!" haha

The most exciting thing in store this week is a meeting I have with one of my clients to prep for a surprise engagement. I can't say who but we're planning the whole shin-dig tonight, where we'll stand, who's shootin what-- I can't wait! And I just received an email from my Mexico bride Jo (!) and we're shoring up the flights/hotel arrangements this week for the wedding in Playa Del Carmen this spring! Ahhhh!

And lastly Johnny surprised me with a 27" imac last week! It had been rendered useless on account of our current adobe cs3 which "has not officially been tested on apple's snow leopard" according to one of the adobe blogs so I've been waaay behind on editing! We'd think we found the solution and then something else would pop up! And I have no patience with technology rendered useless. Needless to say, around 2PM yesterday after a week of troubleshooting my incredible and patient husband found a way to *temporarily allow us to open up our raw files in Bridge! Woo-hoooooooooo!

So that's what I'm thankful for. What are YOU thankful for? Have a fabulous week!!


Milton said...

I'm thankful for having such an artistic, thoughtful, creative, kind, friendly photograher for my wedding.
I'm thankful for my two beagles that came along for the engagement shoot. They always make me laugh even when they're not perfect.
And, of course, I'm thankful for my beautiful, strong, caring, loving fiance that I've been with for almost 3 years!
I'm thankful that I have only 19 days left to the wedding, I've been waiting for this day for almost two years!
BTW, great photo of the dog!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that we think alike at times. I just wrote a blog last night about being thankful. So what am I thankful for; my husband Corey and my handsome son Matt. I'm also very thankful for family and friends, and my sister Carli. Love you sis. Keep up the amazing work.

Chandra said...

I'm thankful for having such an amazing wedding with my bestfriend and soulmate, surrounded by all of our family and dear friends.