Friday, December 4

Moving from San Antonio to Austin

Johnboy and I are in the middle of a move from San Anton to ATX. Woohoo! We get the keys this afternoon.. thus the delay in blogging for the time being.

Because we started the business in Austin over 2 years ago and about 95% of our lovely brides and clients are still in the Austin vicinity, it only makes sense to move back. My heart couldn't be happier...

In other news, we've had the immense pleasure of partnering with a salon in north Austin. It's incredible and when the time comes, I'll post more photographs and raves of the "marriage".

And... we get to photograph a surprise engagement tonight! In 30 degree weather! Wish us luck, because it's going to be awesome!

*cross your fingers* Snow would be the perfect touch.

Carli over and out until Sunday!


Ashley said...

Kelli did my hair last night and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her new salon. It is bliss! Good luck with the move.

Milton said...

Surprise engagement with a professional photographer, that's one confident guy! Sounds exciting though.
I wonder what "marriage" you're refering to.
I hope the move goes smoothly. Welcome back!