Tuesday, January 26

Art Boudoir | For the Couture Bride: Femininity

Carli means "feminine".
Well... feminine or "strong".
Growing up, I always felt my name was a curse, a burden to carry because I didn't *feel feminine. I wasn't into dresses and heels. I wore a ponytail over blow-drying my hair, not to mention I'd dig my bitten fingernails in a project over fussing about nail polish. I wasn't feminine at all. But I didn't want to be "high maintenance" because that is the negative impression I had of that word. And it was all wrong.

I think we women... we do need to *feel feminine. Deeper than the facade of makeup and heels, we need to feel empowered.
Because it is our God-given right.

Boudoir is something we might say we do for our husbands but when we walk away from the day full of giggles and... when we strut away from the session feeling empowered, realizing we set out on a goal and accomplished it, knowing one day we will make the incredible sacrifice of giving our bodies to our children and the years ahead...

Do yourself a favor. Ask if in 10 years from now and 3 children later, will you have wished you could look back and have something to show for the incredible life you've lived?

This past weekend I was blessed to be able to capture the lives of 2 fabulous women. I go into these sessions wondering how each personality will take the shoot, what outfits have they brought, what are their perceptions vs. what I will provide?

And every single shoot begins and ends the same... Like a tiny miracle, the rose blooms...

I received a gushing email less than a day later when I posted the sneak peek and it almost made me cry! "Oh how incredibly fun the day was, how much of a confidence booster it was... we strut away..."

And that, Lovelies, is why I shoot boudoir.

It is such a delicate matter, our confidence.
But be it even for a few moments, if we can *feel the femininity we have been given then hallelujah and pass the champagne! (There's a lot of that there too. :)

So now you ask... What really goes on during an {inkedFingers} boudoir session?


A lot of direction. A lot of laughing.... posing... All things girly. Because *news flash* that is what we are.

Here is a rare photo of me taken during the shoot. (Thanks Adrienne! :) My favorite part of the picture is the ruffles on my dress. See? I'm slowly learning to embrace my femininity too...

Well... we don't and won't ever post a lot of photos about our boudoir here on the blog. I've thought about it for some time and as much as I would really like to put together a boudoir website, I'm pretty sure I won't. I'd much rather meet you face to face, over some cafe or vino, put some art proofs in your hands, have you talk to the Lovelies that have overcome the boudoir jitters themselves...

If you're interested even the slightest bit call me! We can set up a time for tea and a time to embrace your femininity!


I want to end this post with one of my favorite quotes. ever.

Elegance is something that must be whispered... and not shouted.
-Dario Spadea Pandolfi's Grandfather

(To the two Lovelies that allowed me to post these, Thank You! You are incredible women.)

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Adrienne Huebner said...

What a fabulous take on boudoir photography! We do deserve to feel feminine and gorgeous and I know these photos are ones that the girls (and their husbands!) will treasure for a lifetime. I had a blast helping out at the shoot and look forward to teaming up again in the future!