Thursday, January 14

Email | Fail.

The rain pours... as I type.

It's a comforting sound and I wish I wasn't so tired and matters so complicated right now to have to keep this blog post so short, but here is the matter:
I am having much trouble with my gmail account.
I think it is on account of spam filters, but I am still investigating. :(

That said, I have been very good about returning emails in a timely manner the last couple of weeks but I keep hearing my brides are not receiving my emails. (!) If you have not heard from me in more than 3 days, please reply to

I am so sorry for the inconvenience!! Thank you for your patience as I figure this out! To avoid the gmail hassle I ask that you from now on only email

Thank you!

In other news, I am a day away from finishing Andy and Alanna's incredible ceremony in Ashton Gardens in Houston.
What a fabulous wedding to end 2009...

AND InkedFingers open house/cupcake party is scheduled for Jan 23rd! Email me for details and hit "cupcake party" in the tags below to learn more.

Lyla tov!

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