Saturday, January 9

Esme Claire | 12 Days Old

Back in my barista days, at the Starbucks on William Cannon and Mopac, there was a certain group of fellows. Andrea and Shannon and Mike and Steven and Brittany and Sister Mary Katherine and Tanya and Nicole and Benjamin, to name a few.

We were one of those crews. You know, the kind that have worked together so long you don't even have to speak to know what the other needed. When the morning rush came and the line was out the door, instead of 5 individuals, we were one organism, working towards one common goal: greeting guests, making drinks,
calling drinks. It was a rush. It was incredible... and I could hardly call it work.

Some of my first inkedFingers business ever came from Starbucks partners and customers...
Most of it shot on film.

As always, time changed things. We all moved away but one thing remains the same:
once a barista, always a barista.

I moved to San Antonio and then back and one day while blog-hopping I happened upon one of my ol' partner's blog, which was all about the beautiful baby growing inside of her: Brittany! As fate {God} would have it, not more than 2 weeks later I ran into that beautiful girl at Whole Foods downtown! Oh the irony of life. It had been years since I'd seen her and she was as radiant as ever...

Here is the debut of her perfect baby, Esme Claire born December 28th. Brittany, she is perfect in every way-- what an incredible blessing you have! Thank you for letting me come spend some time with the three of you this morning! I loved every second.


Leah Kathleen said...

Wow. That was such a beautiful video. I got chills. Bellissima!!

Kat said...

oh my! beautiful!!