Friday, January 8

Memories are made of this | Super 8

Some of my fondest childhood memories come from yearly road trips we'd make to the corners of the US, and my father video-ing us. There are 4 of us children. I was the baby of the family that is, until my father got remarried and that is another story. While a few photographs can deceive me into believing how innocent of a child I was, videos can not lie. A hearty thank you to my brother for reminding me of this a few years back; he made a copy of all of the home movies for each of us children and it was revealed how much of a spoiled baby I was... er... am.

Fast forward to 2009. Johnny and I purchased the nikon d90, which although the camera is not full frame like the d700, it was our first shoe into the world of hd video. With each new cinematic attempt, it's a world of opportunity opening up. I love how after I finish piecing the video together, John and I sit down and watch it together and I hear his critique. He is so good at editing my edits, telling me crop here, shorten this or make that clip longer.

You can see all of the videos we've made on our vimeo account by clicking on the IF CINEMA in the toolbar or here:

We don't have a glider for smooth transitions, or a steadi-cam for a wide, slow pan. At least not yet. John did bring home a Bell&Howell super 8 movie camera much like the one pictured above a few days ago and to my surprise it works!!! What a way to melt a photog's heart.

So be looking out for the first coverage we shoot with our *with sound* bell and howell super 8! Maybe we'll bring it to the next wedding we shoot just for fun.

Have an incredible weekend!

Carli... signing off.

**Edit: I was born in good ol' 83, so although my 3 older siblings have super 8 film of them, I'm pretty sure my father had upgraded by the time I was born.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah but the videos of the 4 of you are really amusing to watch. Have many favorites. I should sit down and watch those again and show them to Matt. Love you sis.