Wednesday, January 6

Milton + Leah | First Kiss

I love prose.

When Milton read this poem that he wrote to his wife Leah during their reception, I was wiping away my tears in between photographs. I write poetry myself-- I have ever since I can remember-- and I know sometimes how painstaking it is to communicate what you are feeling.
This poem was so perfect.
Now you'll see why Leah wasn't the only one wiping away tears..

"Our first kiss:
Pressed between a refrigerator and your body,
I never felt so comfortable.
Fingertips gliding across our jaw-lines
Eyes closed, tilting heads
A knock on the door that came too quickly.
This time around, my wise, bruised lips didn’t want to rush
but your lips
won over
playing hard to get.
Great first kiss.
Our final first kiss.


First kisses are one of my favorite moments of life:
The build-up in those seconds before the lips touch.
Heart pounding into the ribcage,
Trying to catch up to the mind’s thoughts
“Should I wait? Or do it now? Is it too soon?”
Then all those thoughts get swallowed with the last, big, courageous gulp
to clear the mind for the climax.
The curiosity in the eyes that create smiles
before giving in to the playful temptation.
The peaceful silence between the last spoken word
and the gasps for air after the lips part.
The way the shy lips slowly scoot towards each other
before they dance.

Nothing is like a first kiss.
They will be missed.

Since our spontaneous first kiss,
We’ve had many new kisses
Each came with their own color and flavor:

The kiss when I first knew I loved you-
On the hot, people-filled dance floor
Slow, long look into the eyes before my hands touched your cheeks
Erasure’s “Little Respect”. Sweaty. Salty. Lovely.

The make-up kiss
after our first argument-
Cold air. Blinking yellow lights. Horns honking. Warm lips.

The thankful kiss
after you opened my first Christmas present to you-
Rushing into my lips. Unexpected. Blue lights. Peppermint hot chocolate.

The sympathetic kiss
when you cared for me when I had pneumonia-
Cold lips on warm forehead. Shaking. Coughing. Smiling.

The surprised kiss
when I asked you to marry me-
Taste of raindrops and sugary hot chocolate. A spiral of greens, reds, and blues.

Your sorry kisses that would make me forget any mistake
and your forgiving kisses that made me understand
it was okay to have faults because you’re not going to leave-
Eyes red. Puffy skin. Taste of tears.

And, of course, the sloppy, passionate, relentless, never-seems-to-end kisses
every time I look at you and suddenly realize, as if I’ve forgotten, why I love you.

As I write this now, I wonder what colors and taste will come when we have
our kiss
as husband and wife.
Leah, even though I will never have another first kiss,
I look forward to all the new kisses we will have in our future,
I love you.
You were my last First Kiss,
I hope you will be my last
Last Kiss."

Milton, Thank you so much for letting me repost this.
What an incredible poem and what a love!


Milton said...

Thanks for the kind words and the great photographs!

Leah Kathleen said...

Tears well up everytime I read that. Beautiful. I'm so lucky!

Trish Finfer said...

Congrats to Leah & Milton! You can tell that poem comes from a deeply shared love. It's so touching and beautiful - thank you for sharing.

Erik Hornung said...

sure glad I ran into your website! your work is amazing and inspiring!

Unknown said...

I don't know Milton and Leah, to have a love like their', and to even think of a kiss like that is a dream unspoken.