Friday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I wanted to start the year off by posting a few photos of the things {around our house}
I love the most.
This pretty face is Eliot Jane, affectionately nicknamed Elle.
100% golden retriever. 100% baby.

And here are a few of my succulent plants. Thank God they are hearty little suckers cause they've been neglected, left out in 20 degree weather, unwatered for weeks and finally I've decided to bring them in {in our new home} and call them "my house plants".
My success with these has encouraged me to take on more "house plants".
One of Johnny's anniversary gifts to me this year was a rose bush. It's bea-u-tiful!

John and I celebrated our 5-yr meeting anniversary last night...
by staying at home, drinking a little vino and having a nice quaint dinner.
That made the run at 8:30AM on Town Lake this morning possible {to start the new year off right :} and the puppy... pooped.

I love her big ol' paws. John thinks the hairs that grow between her toes is cute. Thus it remains uncut.

Many of you know we've taught Eliot to do pointless tricks, including "go around" and "play dead" and the most recent
"be a bear".
This is her, live. She half growls/half snarls through her nose. It's pretty funny!

To all of our brides, blog-stalkers, families and friends, thank you for making 2009 a success! We appreciate each of you and looking forward to getting to know you over the next year!!

Much Love,

Johnny, Carli and Elle


Anonymous said...

What phrase... super

Chandra said...

Haha, we always tease about my parent's golden retriever's hairy toes too! :)

Milton said...

How sweet, we love to take photos of our dogs resting too. They look so innocent.

Anonymous said...

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