Thursday, February 11

Catching Up

Both John and I have been under the weather lately, so blog posting hasn't been on my list of to dos. :( However in my confinement to bed I peeked at some friend's blogs and thought I would pass along the goodness. Some great reads, my friends. Enjoy!

We've got Thais and Travis' wedding this weekend so stay tuned...

Poser's Blog - Making Things Happen by Erik Clausen

Lisa's Blog - Workshop for Haiti + Travel plans by Lisa Woods

Jesh's Blog
- How the Light Gets In by Jesh de Rox

Isn't it funny to note "parallels" in your life with the lives of others... and how you can arrive at the same conclusion as other's but in different times... enjoying the interaction of time, place and chance...

*You might notice we've taken down the Twitter link on the top bar and replaced it with hair/makeup tab. Yeah... Couldn't really get into the tweetin thing. :) Find us on facebook!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy valentine's day!

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