Monday, February 1

Derek + Lauren | J W Marriott Wedding Photographer

Meet Derek and Lauren.
Aside from being ridiculously good looking and simply charming together, they hold the record for booking {inkedFingers} the fastest! We met at Lighthouse Cafe around noon and within a few hours Lauren had paid the deposit online and I was talking to her mother on the phone about packages! Woo.
And they remind me of how small a world we live in.

I went to photojournalism school at UT in Austin with a fabulous gal named Mary Neal. Mary transferred to law school with a beautiful gal named Heather, who booked with us earlier last year. Heather's fiance is a firefighter with Derek! (Are you still following? :) So when Derek and Lauren got engaged, Heather raved about us to L+D! Thanks Heather! We're really looking forward to photographing you two in the spring!

Lauren's wedding is also in the spring at the newly opened JW Marriott.
What an incredible resort & spa it is!

Too much cuteness. You guys need to model. ;)

This was John's idea and I will admit... it is adorable!

Derek and Lauren we had so much fun with you two! Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives!!

Much Love,
John and Carli

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Serendipity Photography said...

I love the location! So pretty! Nice work :)