Monday, February 15


In my soul searching moments-- me, crying out to God, asking what is the path He has for me, for my husband, for the family we will have some day...

I hear His voice as clear as the message in this picture: Just love Me.

When you love Him, when your heart is filled with His love, His joy... then the rest of living can come as easily as breathing.

May I love. Like the couples I am privileged to get to know and photograph.

This was taken from Johnny and I's 2nd session with Danny and Rosa this evening. Thank you God for two eyes to be able to see and capture so much beauty.

(I'll post on Travis and Thais's incredible wedding later this week!)


Unknown said...

That's an amazing photo! Love it. Totally in agreement with your post today :)

Stacy Cross said...

I adore this picture . . . and your tender heart!