Tuesday, February 23

the perfect day


one day a week we need to set aside our daily routine and just breathe.
for me and my family, this is saturdays.

work hard. play hard is how it goes, i believe.

20 saturdays out of the year we have the joining of two lives to photograph
but the other 32 i cherish as much as a freshly brewed french press and capo on the 3rd fret.
that's a lot of cherishin

since it's merely tuesday...
there's much work to be done in the next 4 days.

so i shall disappear in my cozy office with a french press to keep me focused and
groove shark to spur motivation.

today, the woman i want to be is of few words and many deeds.

ciao bella


Rendog1977 said...

Is this the coffee cup from the story I was told. Love this post.

Siobhan said...

This is such a beautiful post; it truly does look like a perfect day...

Alanna said...

Is that coffee mug from anthropolgie?!?!