Tuesday, February 2

Tuesdays Story | Lest We Forget From Where we Came...

Growing up, I remember my dad was the quintessential story teller. While on TDY when we were in elementary school he'd take the time to write each of us 4 children letters, containing an ongoing story that we'd look forward to in the following letter. As we grew older, his story line might have changed but the one constancy was a moral he'd end each story with. So
I might not have inherited the trait of story-telling, he did give me the persepective to search for a moral... in every story line of life. So here is mine to you on this blustery Tuesday afternoon.
Lest you forget you're reading a story with intent, here is the moral:
So we don't ever forget how blessed we are to be here and now... and always remember from where we came.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
There was a country where the king was always chosen in a special way. When the old king died, a bird called the “bird of good fortune” would be released. On whomsoever’s head it landed, the people would place the crown making him their next ruler.

Once the bird of good fortune landed on the head of a slave; that slave had been a simple musician who entertained at the master’s parties. His costume consisted of a feathered cap and a belt made of the hooves of sheep.

When the slave became king, he moved into the palace and wore royal robes. However, he ordered that a shack (a kind of succah) be constructed next to the palace and that his old hat, belt and drum be stored there along with a giant mirror.
The new king was known for his kindness and love for all his people—rich and poor, free and slaves. Often he would disappear into his little shack. Once he left its door open and the cabinet ministers saw him don his feathered hat, put on his old belt and dance and drum before the mirror.

They found this very strange and asked the king: “After all, you are a king! You must maintain your dignity!”The king replied: “Once I was a slave and now I’ve become a king. From time to time I want to remind myself that I was once a slave lest I grow arrogant and treat with disdain my people and you, my ministers.”

And so, we must remind ourselves that we were once slaves, maybe slaves to our work, slaves to a company, maybe in a relationship or to a frivolous pursuit... and were freed by God with an outstretched arm. It is our obligation to remember where we came from as we live our days... and where we are so fortunate to be right now.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Happy Tuesday!

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Carla said...

Enjoyed the story!! I hope there will be many more..