Tuesday, March 23

Catching Up | 5 Shoots in 7 Days

It all started a week ago with this wedding:
It's hard for me to believe so much could happen in a week!!!!

Then this little guy came into our lives (story and many many more photos to follow in the coming weeks)

Then in no particular order over the next 4 days:

Tyler and Carroll at the Ft Worth Stockyards in, of course, Ft Worth

Emily at the San Jose Missions in San Anton

Heather and Matt in San Antonio and their fire station just north of San Anton

Chris and Angela at the UT campus in Austin and then the Capital

And somewhere in the middle of all of that, Renee and Ramon coming into town and 2 nights of shows at south by southwest.

So that's why I haven't blogged. I am still trying to catch up on sleep and emails and blogging and... laundry.


It's 12:13 and I'm on my macbook typing away. I think maybe it's time to hit the sack.

From one seeking soul to another,
Ciao bella

Let's make it a great week.

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