Monday, March 1

Taylor + Cheryl | Blown Away

Maybe it's Cheryl's positive spirit... her ability to laugh at anything and everything that comes her way... or maybe it's because she's a referral of Katie and Richard and referred Jo and Justin to us...
Taylor and Cheryl are just so down to earth I'm proud to call them not only my clients, but my friends.

We rescheduled their anniversary shoot 3 times and despite the impending rain, we braved the wind and cloudy sky to celebrate 1 glorious year of marriage... finally! I dare say anniversary shoots are delightful to shoot. When you've been married for one year, you'll understand why. :)

I begin with one of my favorites. It's so real, isn't it? It sums up the whole of the shoot, hair flyin, wind awhippin and two beautiful people in love.

Oh that tumultuous sky! Black and white does it justice.

The last photo we took of the evening. Simple but real. I love you two. :)

As a side note, the day Kristin and I shot Cheryl's bridals it was 59 degrees outside and here was the gorgeous Cheryl with not a single complaint! These were taken December 2008.

In a little over a month, Cheryl + Taylor, Katie + Richard and Justin + Jo and so many other awesome couples will be jamming in Mexico to the tune of a la margarita on the beach for Justin and Jo's wedding!! So my dear dear Cheryl... let's make sure to get at least one sunny photo of you two then!

Cheers mijita!

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Cheryl said...

Thanks, Carli! Love how they turned out! We had so much fun! Even with the crazy weather... So ready for Mexico! :)