Friday, April 30

Max + Evelyn | Sneaky Peeky!

Love is so easy to photograph.
(If it wasn't so late I'd post a dozen more reasons just how easy...)

The other thing I could never photograph enough:
Meet Bruno. This is Max and Evelyn's 1-yr-old boxer.
Doesn't he look like a little monster on the verge of attacking me!? haha

Hardly. The sweetest boxer I know!

More pics to come. I just had to post a little sneaky peek cause I said I would! ;)

We have the fabulous Kara and Leonardo's wedding tomorrow evening at the Hideout on the Horseshoe, then Anne-Marie's family portraits on Sunday, followed by Jacqi's bridals on Tuesday! It's going to be another incredible (insert "busy") week!

Until then... Ciao bella.

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Myphotographer said...

Love the pet photography shot of the boxer. Seems like a cute puppy. Impressed by your work. Regard r fellow tog from south africa