Tuesday, April 27

Sneaky Peeky

Boy has it been an incredible whirlwind the last 3 weeks! We've had shoot after shoot and so many exciting transformations in our company!!
So here are the highlights in photographs:

# 1.

We've added an intern to our staff! Hello Nichole!

(When things are meant to be, they happen not necessarily on our timetable or our "perfect plan", but in the perfect plan, at just the right moment. That's how every moment has been with Nichole.) Needless to say, we love her and you will too!!

# 2.
Did you notice? Our new blog header! We're really starting to nail down our InkedFingers brand and settled quite enthusiastically with "all you need is love" as our campaign. If it's true in our personal lives, how much more in our business...


Long time fellow photographer and friend Stephanie and her husband Jason are expecting a baby girl in early July! She asked us to come photograph her and her extended family out in Lago Vista-- what a beautiful property! Steph, we can't wait to meet Zoe!!


Emily and JJ were hitched this past weekend at the Garden of Cranesbury View! The irony? Emily was my bank teller when we lived in San Antonio and she just happened to be getting married at the venue Johnboy and I were the *first photographers to shoot at! How cool is that?


We loved the stationery we started making to send to our brides so much, we thought we'd try our hand at selling it! See the new tab on the toolbar: Etsy! Ink and paper lovers... enough said. :)


With much satisfaction and a little heartbreak we had to let go of our little rescue dog. The happy ending? Lil' Wolfgang went to my old assistant and best friend, Renee! Although I was soooooo sad to see Wolfie leave, he couldn't be in better hands. What can a puppy teach us about love? More than you know...

And while much more has happened around here then I have time to blog about, know it's all wonderful things. InkedFingers is growing into the business I would have only dreamed 3 years ago... For your support, encouragement and business I am forever grateful!!

Until next time,
Much Love

Carli, Johnny, Elle (and Nichole)

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Anonymous said...

These are great. You have been busy. Sounds like everything is going great. Welcome Nichole. Keep up the amazing work. So excited about October, have an idea for then too by the way. Will talk soon.