Monday, May 24

May Madness and La Amada

So not only did we have 5 weddings in a row from April-May, Johnny ended the May madness with a bang by a surprise trip to Mexico! We stayed at the La Amada hotel, a 1-yr old resort in Playa Mujeres that was having some fantastic off-season deals. I'll write up a full review when we're all caught up in the business, but if my rave was based on the architecture and grounds alone, it's definitely 5-stars. (The trip to the Cancun Costco and the "hotel food police" is a story for another post!)

Because the already thousands of images we were going to come home to, I decided to pop only a 2 gig card in my d90 and mostly just use the hipstamatic on my iphone. The limitations birthed creativity and I'm happy at least to have these...

Thanks, Johnny for the treat. ;)

The food at Isle Grill on the hotel grounds was awesome! The chef made a new salsa every day. This one had pineapple in it... yuuum!

The grounds were immaculate. I loved all of the white... everything was white! The chairs, the lounges, the buildings, the spa....

More of the awesome architecture.

Sand! Water! What can beat the sound of waves?


Iguanas supposedly ran around the grounds but we only saw this one, and it ran away from us!

Dinner the last night we were there... bread, cheese and CORONA!

Two letters I sent from Mexico. Even the stationery in our hotel room as beautiful! Now I can say I've sent a letter from Mexico. :)

The neighboring hotel, also from the same company as La Amada.

Little treasures along the beach.

It was cloudy and windy 4 of the 5 days we were there! (Reminiscent of the current Austin weather!) The showers were come and go, not too bad, but we did have one full day of sunshine-- thankfully!

Our flight back to Atlanta, then on to mi casa...

Bye bye Playa Mujeres!


Chandra said...

Way to go planning a surprise trip, Johnny! Looks absolutely beautiful :)

John said...

It was beautiful Chandra. We had a great time. How are you? Are you all planning any trips soon?

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a good time. So looking forward to coming down that way. I don't think it can get here quick enough. Even Matt seems excited about seeing his Uncle John and Aunt Carli. Love the photos. John you did good as always. Talk to you both soon.