Monday, May 31

Paper is Patient

Anne Frank wrote "Paper is patient".

What does it mean? It means every one in the world should journal, whether you're a 16 year old girl or a 55 year old man. Writing brings clarity to life. It's a healthy outlet to allow yourself to "speak" what you're feeling... with no judgment, no ... just the time in the world to bring clarity to your hopes, your fears, your dreams and record time.

If nothing else in 10 years you can look back at your life in words and remember the greatness you might not have remembered otherwise.

We've just started making handmade journals. They're simple, nothing fancy, but just the sort of thing you can carry around in your laptop bag and not add an extra 4 pounds. They're on our etsy store (see link above) and will be at the Shops Above Memory Lane in downtown Buda, TX later this week! If you've a weak spot for homemade goodies and want to support local, definitely check out Ashley's store! It's across from the Buda Public Library on Main Street.

Ashley has also "Ok-ed" our stationery to be sold there, which you can preview below. It's anthropologie-inspired. :) Along that note, did you know we already carry customized save the dates and greeting cards? For our lovely brides, this is something we've started including in our wedding packages, but we sell a la carte. Perhaps in the near future we'll put out a brochure with our complete paper products.

As originally a graphic design major, these products were my first love (a well designed card, a good-feeling piece of paper) and they complement the photography side of the business well!

If you haven't already, I encourage you to find us on facebook! Look up InkedFingers (one word) and find our photography site and design store! We've had a late night giveaway and offer weekly photography advice. Hopefully soon we can add weekly interviews by our brides! We'll see!

Let's make it a great week, Lovely!

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