Monday, June 14

Ashley and Ryan | Sneaky Peeky!

Remember these beautiful people?

Ryan and Ashley took Johnboy and I to Galveston this weekend for their SMASHING wedding! The Tremont House was so chic and Ashley made sure everything was vintage... down to her yellow shoes! After hearing more of their story it brings me to tears... they are meant to be together. :) They are perfect for each other. They are so in love... and we had the privilege of capturing that day. Here's a sneak peek of how suave this couple is!

Remember this shot we took during their engagements?

It was John's idea to relive the moment!

Man and wife.

Sitting down to dinner.


After a long, beautiful evening...

Can't wait for you to see more :)
Congratulations, Ashley and Ryan! Have a fabulous honeymoon!

Much love,
Johnny + Carli

PS: You can't go to Galveston Island and not go to the beach!
Johnny took this one of me chasing seagulls. Great shot baby.
My feet aren't even on the ground!


Jeniece said...

I was there!!! hehe :) They are so meant to be together. The wedding was sooo beautiful!!

Erica W. said...

These pictures made me wanna cry. They are so beautiful!!! I love how they matched the engagement picture w/the wedding I really hate that I missed it. Good job inkedFingers!!!