Thursday, June 17

Ben and Janet:: Engaged!

Periodically the stars will align.
Every now and then the sun will shine
Just long enough for something in my mind's eye
To come about. The way it did last night...

Ben and Janet are beautiful together. Ben plays the guitar. Janet is smitten.
She's a numbers girl and he takes photos and I think he's an engineer?
I think you can agree there was just entirely too much chemistry and perfection going on last night. :)

I love love LOVE Janet's ring. It's so different.

Oh my goodness! Look at the way Janet is googly over him!! Adorable.

The way her dress was floating in the wind...
The way her hand rested on his cheek...
The colors in the sky and a cloud spotting the horizon...
Without any of my direction.

Ben and Janet... of all the photographers in the world you chose us! We're honored.
Can't wait to spend more time with you two over the next year and see you two beauties for your 2011 perfect wedding... hugs. :)


Janet said...

How fun! They look amazing!! I love the sunset colors, the play on with the blinds, everything! Funny you mention "chemistry", Ben is a Research Chemist & I love how he has the music/creative side :-)

Kelly said...

Love the photos, can't wait for the wedding!

Christine said...

I love these pictures! You totally captured Ben and Janet. The look wonderful. Can't wait to see the rest!