Sunday, June 20

Customized Bridal Apparel: The Shops Above Memory Lane

Nichole and I meandered into an ol' antique store in downtown Buda, TX a few weeks ago and I am so happy we did! Above it, sits a quaint shop filled with home-made goodies. Think Etsy: live.

The owner, Ashley Jo Green is a bubbly brunette, always positive, always encouraging. The few times I have walked into the store and seen her interacting with customers it's no wonder she has shop of her own... I want to keep coming back too!

We have the pleasure of featuring her customized bridal apparel on our blog today. I've scoured the internet myself and not seen anything quite like it... Ashley will take your bridal colors and create something unique to your wedding party! She started out as an Etsy store, and now has a full store front, which also features children's apparel and our stationery and other crafty goodies. But I'll let Ashley tell you a bit more about it:

What types of things can you customize for brides?
Shirts, Bags, Dresses, Hand Painted letters

What's the hottest selling item right now?
"I DO" custom hand painted letters and the Bride Dress

Can a bride pick out out specific material for her customized apparel or just colors?
She can pick out a specific material and send me the amount needed if she has her heart set on something but I can also come up with some if they just have a color in mind.

How much do the shirts and dresses cost on avg?
If you're ordering shirts for the whole bridal party it is about $26 to $29 per shirt $50 to $52 for a dress $15 for a bag and $29 for "I DO" letters

How did you get into sewing? What brought you to want to own your shop in addition to selling things online through Etsy?
My mom loved to craft and create things to make others smile and since she passed away from breast cancer when i was in high school this has been my way of keeping her dream alive. I went to Baylor University for 4 years studying Fashion Design and I decided to open a store front this year so that I could interact with some of my customers face to face though I still love my online customers!

What is the best way for someone to place an order with you/ get in contact with you?
By email:

Anything else you want our brides to know?
I love making things to match brides' wedding colors! and I love to see pictures of the brides in the final products! Weddings are a special moment in a woman's life and I am so honored that so many let me play a fun role in making that day a dream come true!

(See the stitching around each of the letters? :)

Isn't this awesome? I love the v-necks and how even the Jr Bridesmaid has a tshirt of her own!

Thank you so much, Ashley. Can't wait to stop by the store and see what other goodies you've added!

Let's make it a great week!
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Do you sell/make something unique for brides? I'd love to feature you on our blog! Email: with the title "Bridal Blog".

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