Tuesday, June 15

Live Music at Mohawks

So if I was really really truthful, I could say that I would have paid $80 to go to see Sarah Jaffe... but only because John and I had a good time just being together. I got all dressed up and held hands walking around with my love. It was our first date night in weeks and it felt great to be downtown... of course with a camera in tow.

But if I was really really honest, I'd also have to admit it's a little bit ridiculous that a music venue doesn't have any chairs. Isn't it? Mohawks on Red River, you had incredible artists, loved the cherry vodka sour and the funny men framed above the bar.... but no chairs? We weren't prepared.

Two hours after arriving we finally heard who we came to see and by 11:15PM I was already thinking of the shoots I had today, a nice comfy pillow awaiting me and getting off the hard concrete.

So we left early and didn't hear the lead musician, Lou Barlow. For those interested, here are the 2 artists we did hear and for the record, Sarah Jaffe and The Civil Wars are my current favorites. Sarah was as spectacular and real live, as I had hoped. Love that girl. Love that every note that comes out just flows, poetry in rhythm.

Sarah Jaffe <-- could listen to "summer begs" on repeat for days Danny Malone

The Civil Wars <-- didn't see them in concert, just wanted to share ;)

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Carla said...

Thanks Carli, I enjoyed taking a lookey at some of your favorites..I had not visited this site for music, so must do a little more looking and listening..Blessings..xoxo