Saturday, June 26

Serenade The Dawn.

Life is full of ironies.

I've been playing this song for the last couple of days (for no reason other then I love waltzes) as John and I have driven from Tucson, AZ to Nogales up to Sedona and now we leave in a few hours to fly back to Austin. I love that it's 2:47AM over here (read 4:47AM TX time, a few hours before sunrise) and I'm wide awake, serenading the dawn with the song I've never taken off repeat.

Arizona sunrises and sunsets are absolutely phenomenal, by the way.

The irony is who would have thought I'd be obsessed with this song and a few days later find myself sleepless, song on repeat. Or that we'd almost be out of gas while driving to Tucson and the next road with a gas station was Sunshine Blvd. (Too bad I wasn't wearing my big bird yellow tank! ha)

Maybe I look for correlations and associations... thereby finding them. Nevertheless, it surely makes life more enjoyable. You should try it.

My wakefulness I kindly owe to Wildflower American Cuisine's exceptional con panna I sipped at 9:30PM. An espresso that good is worth being kept up this late.

To note, photoshop on my laptop has died (read= temp "expired" due to upgrades to cs5) and I've had close to no internet the last few days -thank you wide open country-. So no editing has gotten done on this trip and when we do happen across wifi I answer all of the emails/inquiries I can until our next free wifi spot. If I haven't yet replied I'll be back in the office Monday morning. (Shooting engagements in Dallas on Sunday, becoming the traveling bee.)

Ready to return to some sort of a routine...

My macbook has 3 minutes before it dies. I use this as my meter of when to go to sleep... letting my laptop battery die. Tonight is nothing unusual.

I haven't taken the song off repeat.
Only this morning, the woman I want to be is a peaceful soul, determined, analyzing self not for analyzation's sake but to encourage growth, embrace change.
Editing or no editing, internet or none, to the brilliant rising Arizona sun, unlike any other...

I serenade the dawn.

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