Monday, June 21

Sneaky Peeky

Every now and then a bride will allow me to post a little sneaky peeky of her boudoir on the blog.

Let's just say this is one of my favorite boudoir shoots *ever*. I mean ever.

To the Lovely, thank you for putting up with my constant direction and for trusting me with such a gig... I know what it's like to make yourself vulnerable but you know and I know that your husband is going to bawl like a baby when he opens up that book!

To Kelli Toal who once again blew the hair and makeup OUT OF THE WATER... you make my brides so happy, therefore you make ME happy. Thank you, Lovely.

Did you know that paper is the gift for a one year wedding anniversary?
Did you also know we give you a free big bottle of bubbly to consume during the shoot?
Did you ALSO know that every single bride we've shot boudoir for, after looking at the photos says "That's not me! That can't be me!" :)

*news flash* It is you. It can be you. And you won't regret it.

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