Thursday, July 1

Austin Fashion Week.

Our primary referral base is wedding clients, so when we are approached with the occasional head shot or commercial shoot... we are honored and of course enjoy every minute of the change of pace.

This was a collaboration between Brizy, Megan and Ashleigh from Keep Austin Gorgeous and Jaya from Bridal Motif for Austin Fashion Week. From what I understand, the judges will base their marks on both the hair and makeup styling from KAG and the clothing designs of Bridal Motif. My part was being able to showcase both. Thanks to Brizy's great location ideas, our awesome models -so so fun to work with- and everyone that woke up at 5AM to help make everything run so smoothly.

Good luck to all of you!!

Much Love,

PS: For the photographers wondering what equipment we used, we brought no external lights to the shoot. I used two d700s, prime lenses and 2 sb800s. Thank the Man above for a cloudy day, diffused light and cs5.


John said...

Great shoot'en C

Chandra said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Kat said...

amazing Carli!