Monday, July 19

Sacred Little Things

This evening I am exhausted.
So in stead of slowing down during these summer months we've grown even more busy, tripling our portrait sessions.

I was really looking forward to having August/September to work on more conceptual business ideas/ direction for InkedFingers but that's OK. I'm in the process of learning how to prioritize which does not come naturally to this right-brainer. I can only be thankful for this influx of business.. it's a blessing and it's all from referrals. Thank you Lovelies.

On the home-front, one of my bffs is having her first baby (Shari!) the other is getting married (Renee!) and the other is leaving me for the Big D (Nichole!) so as usual, way too much to keep track of around here. I'd say for getting 50+ emails and having 2 weddings and an engagement session all in one weekend, we're staying pretty good on top of the replies but as always, don't hesitate to call and thanks for your patience!

Here is my last few weeks in Hipstamatic prints:

If you can believe it, I went into Anthro a couple of times in the last month and didn't spend a single penny. (I shocked myself by walking back through the double doors empty-handed.) I did in fact, get more than money could buy: inspiration. I'm overhauling my home office with the direction of my architecture buddy Renee... Anthro is a designer's paradise.


Part of redoing my office is trying to find out what is necessary to be in that one room. My sacred little things. This typewriter is one of them. It reminds me how much I love to write, to never stop writing and it's an original: nostalgia.


type Circa 1950


John and I celebrated our 3-yr wedding anniversary on July 4th. He took me down town to Lady Bird Lake to see the fireworks, symphony strumming in the background. It was our first time and it was magnificent. Here is one photo. Maybe sometime in the future I'll make time to edit the 4 gigs of fireworks I took (ha) but this is the sole photo I edited from that perfect evening...


We were blessed with the perfect sunset...


We just finished shooting Tima and Ryan's engagements in the rain, Casey and Michael's wedding at the ever so fabulous StarHill Ranch and Shaun and Christine's wedding with Nichole at the At&T Center downtown! Be looking out for sneak peeks later this week and Bride of the Week!

Ciao Bella.

Tonight, the woman I want to be is of few words and many deeds, holds fast to her sacred things and never forgets the computer has an "off" button.
Bonne nuit.


Unknown said...

A couple of things....

ONE: your anniversary, 4th of July?
so romantic, I wonder why we chose July 2nd for our day? :)

TWO: It's funny how you mentioned Anthro, I went there for the first time a few months ago, and totally thought of you. I know I barely know you, but there's something about the style in there that reminded me of you.

renee Valdres said...

YAY for new office :)
so excited..!

renee said...

YAY for new office :)
so excited..!

renee said...

forgot to say, LOVE the typewriter!