Wednesday, August 11

Austin Awakening

This is how the city appeared to me at 6:30AM.
By 7:18 I was on South Congress, awaiting my good friend and fellow photographer Kristen, aka K-Ro from Faux-Toes. :)

And this is how the sun rose in Austin this morning, a ribbon at a time
just in case you were still comfortably tucked under your cool covers...

PS: I changed my watermark. Did you notice? :P


Kristen said...

i just adore the way you see things! what a treat to do this with you! i'm uploading my entry now... so you can see just how differently we see. :)
thank you for the gift of a morning. it meant a lot to me.

Now and Then Photography said...

Wow, I'm sooo impressed with these. I keep trying to do some abstract photos around Austin and mine suck compared to this. Thanks for sharing.