Wednesday, August 18

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Every woman books a boudoir session for a different reason.

For you, it's celebrating the union of 2 lives and the perfect gift on your wedding night to the man who means more than the world to you.
For you, it's a mile marker. You set a goal for yourself and you have every right and reason to rejoice that you not only accomplished it, you exceeded it. This is your celebration.
For others, it's a one year anniversary gift. It's a preservation of the memory of a body that the man above gave each and every one of us... o n c e.

To the woman who allowed me to photograph her yesterday, your reason can hardly be explained in a few sentences. There are moments I believe we must especially tune into our hearts and not miss a syllable it is speaking to us... As this Lovely was getting prepped for the shoot, I listened to her tell her story, the story of her struggle with medical issues we can't even imagine. Beneath every syllable she spoke was not a hint of selfishness. Instead of mentioning HER pain, HER loss, she told of her husband's courage. This is the woman I only dream of becoming.

Everyone has a story to tell. I've always felt this, but these moments in my job remind me... to listen, to remember beneath every shell of a human being there is a living soul that has endured pain, that has conquered mountains and loves.

L O V E is all you need

Thank you, Lovely, for the reminder...

What's your reason for boudoir?

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