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Austin ART Boudoir Photographer

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The blog post I am pasting below I stole from back in Aug 2009. I've received traffic from Google keywords "austin boudoir" and "wedding lifestyle boudoir" the last few weeks. So here...
As I tell all of my Lovelies, do not hesitate to email or call with any questions or thoughts no matter how small. If you'd like to see more of our work, I'd love to meet to show you our albums and a gallery . . . but for now at least we keep our images online to a minimum and we believe, as with every shoot, there is a photographer for everyone! Let's grab some coffee and set aside those fears.

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When I first heard of boudoir photography and googled it, I was very disappointed. Take my word for it, there is hardly anything worth viewing. However, the beginning of the year I came across a website of a woman photographer who shot some of the most beautiful boudoir images I had seen. She shot mostly in swank hotel rooms, threw a lot out of focus, emphasized the art in the photograph and stressed the "classiness" of the shoot. That did it! I could relate, no-- I could reinvent the work myself to my current brides!

So I sent out a newsletter to my Lovelies with a hint that I would start offering that and (NO JOKE!) within a few days my inbox was buzzing with gals wanting the shoots! I was blown away... S e r i o u s l y. I had no idea brides even knew about this!

Fast forward several months and I've booked shoots more then I could count on my hands (including my first in Denver :) and have learned many things about boudoir. The first and foremost thing is this, from my heart:

Brides to be... There will never again be a time in your life when you look and feel this fabulous. In the words of my most recent bride only moments after finishing the shoot, "I think... every woman should do this!" It is an incredible confidence booster.

What do you do with the images? You put them in an album for your husband-to-be, that you tie up with a little bow and hand him on your wedding day. You print it in a 20x24 gallery wrap and hang it on your bedroom wall as art! They are not intended to be plastered all over facebook. In fact, included in the package is your hair and airbrush makeup professional done, your favorite bottle of wine or bubbly, linen-finished proofs and an album. It's a day of complete pampering for you and the end result is a love gift for the man of your dreams.

Is it nerve wracking? Only for the first few seconds.
Is it empowering? (pardon my French) Hell ya.
Is there a guy in the room? Only ladies allowed, EVER. Even our assistant is a woman.
Because when it's all said and done, you'll be looking at the screen and say "Is that me? That's really me!"
We do the posing. We let you incorporate all that you love. And your man... will love you all the more for it.

So if you are even in the least bit interested, shoot me an email and ask away! I've got a kick-butt F.A.Q. that is sure to ignite a sparkle of girlhood confidence in you.

So Lovelies, as I always say, I really really love spoiling my brides. Thank you, my Lovely brides- for allowing me to post these! You are fabulously bea u tiful.

Attention Married Men: Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? What a better way to say "You are the most beautiful woman to me" than to surprise your wife with a Boudoir Session! Ultimate pampering!

Attention Married Ladies: InkedFingers Boudoir is not exclusively for engaged or soon-to-be brides! We can come up with any excuse to do this for your husbie! You just got married? Awesome! How's that for a one-year-anniversary present! It's his birthday? Perfect! Thinking about having your first child... or your third? Here's a way to preserve that beautiful body.

much love,
c a r l i


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