Sunday, August 15

Charissa and Alex | Sneak Peek!

After 4 hours of sleep- an incredible wedding at Starhill with Becky and Brian the night before!- and baby pics this morning, the final shoot of this long weekend was Charissa and Alex. Note: Charissa is pronounced Cha-qui-ta. Kind of like Cha-qui-ta banana. It's Indian.) Well.... ok. Just kidding. It's pronouned Carisa, not Cha-risa. I didn't learn this until the last 15 minutes of the shoot and boy did I feel bad!! Thank you for your patience and understanding in my delirium this evening!

John and I are honored to be a part of your lives and thank you, Memory Lane for the referral our way!

To Jason from FlyRight, We were honored to play in your shop and photograph with your baby! Thank you so much for hanging around while we did our thang. Incredible work!

Many many more pics to come of B+B's wedding and C+A's anniv... First some much needed sleep.
Ciao Bella.

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