Monday, August 9

Manic Monday

I'm here! I am so sorry I've been so bad at blogging lately. I've been good about posting a photo or two from our latest shoots on facebook. If you search "inkedfingers" one word, you'll find it.
So here's a recap in photos from the last few weeks:

My fellow photographer, Stephanie (from way back in my kid's sport photography days) just had a baby girl. We had the opportunity of photographing her last week. What a doll she is!

Fast forward... Tori and Caesar have been together for over 5 years and they've finally got engaged! They met in an airport so we had the privilege of shooting at a small airport in San Marcos. A huge thanks to Eric for basically letting us do whatever we wanted. Thank you so much! (more photos of that soon!)

In redoing my office space I needed some shelves and came across an ad on Craiglist with more shelves then I could want. Little did I know the woman selling them had her own business selling girl's clips... and it's not just a little business either. Check out Ribbie's Clippies! What a wonderful evening meeting your family, Kim! (Can't wait to put up those shelves. :) Thanks!

In the middle of all of the portrait sessions we made some printed media for the newly opened Gypsy Floral studio right here in Austin. Sunni Graham, the owner, is the beauty behind the company but also another event coordination company, Puerta Bella. I highly recommend her for both flowers and wedding coordination! She's a one stop shop. ;)

A wise man once said "Whatever you do in the time of your procrastination is what you should be doing full time." Fortunately, my procrastination time is slowly filling up my paid time! That's design! Below are Ben and Janet's concert-themed save the dates.

We drove up to Plano (Dallas area) this weekend for Stephen and Connie's wedding. As I mentioned on facebook, Stephen's had his eye on her since 5th grade! One of Stephen's brothers told the cutest story during his speech... Stephen actually had a little fight with someone even back in elementary school about who the prettiest girl in school was and can you guess who he was fighting for???

Love is a beautiful thing....

To the Lovelies I owe albums to, thank you for your patience and this week I have a lot of office time so know I have not forgotten about you!

Have a wonderful Monday.
much love, car

PS: You might notice slight changes around here. The more I slip back into design, the more I am redesigning my own brand... really really excited about this! I'd love your feedback. Thanks, Lovelies.


Unknown said...

Love Love Love the typewriter theme! Which reminded me you brought that out to our shoot.......woulda made for some cute photos! Oh well, next time right ;)

Family photos adorable!

Oh and that cute airplane pic ;)

renee said...

liking your new stationary designs!

i agree, love the airplane pic too!