Thursday, August 26

TRI it.

I woke up before 6AM and everything in the world was right.

Ate my cinnamon scone, drank my coffee, started knocking out my to do list. It's just been a peaceful day. Just got off the phone with an old friend... and everything in the world is right. Some days more than others... I want to ask why? But I'll just put on my metaphorical running shoes and pound through this life to a rhythm my heart knows well.

I've been quiet over here, mentally preparing for the triathlon which was last Sunday and just trying to stay on top of new & familiar Lovelies.

It's not been easy wearing the hat-of-everything since I lost my intern Nichole... but alas! Nothing is accomplished by sulking and whining. So sun rises and to do lists prevail in my life.

Because I am a photographer and married to one, here are a few select from this past weekend. I did a triathlon ( my first ) 3 years ago, almost to the day. According to my own stopwatch I blew that time out of the water by almost 18 minutes for a time of 1 hr 32 minutes on Sunday. Very happy about this. I did my best and I recovered quickly, thankfully. I eagerly await the official times and photographs!

transition area. see me in the 4th row back? you can just see my shoulder.
lucky # 112. getting body marked after we first arrived.
staring out at the lake and thinking "oh my gosh. i'm going to drown." ha
and the finished, exhausted me. pretty sure i didn't know john was taking a photo.
but happy! i did it! i beat my last time!

So let the truth be told, my faithful husband was eagerly awaiting me at the transition area and didn't know I was already at the finish line! So I don't have any photos of me crossing the finish line but I know the official photographers at the race got some. Can't wait to order some. And thank you, John for waking up with me at an incredible 4:30AM to make the hour drive out to the Pace Bend Park. No matter my crazy pursuits or challenges you're there. I'm so thankful for you baby...

To Katherine, my crossfit instructor, you have been my motivation and encouragement these last few months. I cannot say this enough, everyone needs a Katherine in there life to hear "Don't be doing girly pushups! You can belt these out! Go! Faster Carli!" Awesome. Thanks, Lovely.

If you live in the Austin area and you want a bootcamp to go to, she's the gal to know. Class is Tue/Thurs/Sat and be prepared to get your butts kicked especially on those hills... Which reminds me, class is tonight.

Better go put on those running shoes...

Get ready for some rockin bridals, boudoir and countless spectacular weddings over the next few weeks. It's all kinds of crazy once September arrives.

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Chandra said...

I'm clearly showing how behind I am on your blog, but congrats on beating your time!