Friday, September 24

bridal portrait princess | castle avalon

"So are you sick of weddings yet?" he asked me.
"Well. . . I just got back from Portland a few days ago shooting a wedding" and here I am editing photographs that look like I shot in a castle.

Am I sick of weddings?
Nope! I am so thankful in this line of work we are not only allowed so much creative freedom, but each client is so so different. I love that, meeting new people, going to new locations.
I thrive on the new, on the challenging, on being in an environment I've never been and making it happen.

Yes, we were in a castle by the way. Castle Avalon, standing somewhere between 1-10 and 1-35 just north of San Antonio.
And isn't she just lovely?

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Eric Doggett said...

Great shots! Wow - I'd love to shoot in that big room! Portland, huh? :)