Thursday, September 30

The Carriage Ride, photo of the day

We just finished editing Christine and Parker's wedding. We have yet to post an entire blog on the wedding.
This is one of my favorites
from the carriage ride.

We're in for a long weekend with a hoppin' wedding reception to shoot at the Hotel Icon in Houston, newborn portraits with some of our favorite Lovelies, Katie+Richard, and meeting with 2 new Lovelies-- stoked!

Have a great one & I shall leave you with quote of the week from our facebook page:

Every day of your life, you change the world. Absolutely, yes, we're out to change the world. I mean, you change it whether you like it or not. You wake up and you talk to the ...grocer. You either kick your dog or you pet him... There's a million decisions you have every day where you change the world. -Jon Foreman, of Switchfoot


Anonymous said...

I know God brought me into that coffee shop on New Year's eve... to meet a beautiful woman that I now call my little wifey. I'm thankful for you and all that you are and the change you make on the lives of those who have the privilege to meet a girl named Carli Kiene. I love how you change this world for the better!

and of course i love everything about you... and us.

Suzanne said...


Can't wait to meet ya'll today. Have a safe drive into Houston!