Saturday, September 11

o h sabbath. arriving.

My parents started keeping the sabbath around middle school. As long after that as I can remember we laid aside our work on Saturday, a day of rest, a day to focus on the m o s t important things. Because my work is mostly on weekends, I am not privileged to always keep the Shabbat on Saturday, however when time allows, whether or not I am caught up on work, my soul craves, my soul n e e d s this time of introspection, of recharging.

So I will admit, I am very behind on albums. We've taken on more portrait sessions in the last 3 months then almost all of last year combined. I am so thankful for that-- very blessed-- but I am also a one man show right now, (thankful for Johnny's incredible editing abilities) I am seriously considering taking on an intern.

My office, well, that is another story. In transition.

My grandmother recently passed away, my mothers mother. . .

And my very best friend, Renee Valdres is getting married next weekend and I've only barely decided what my heart wants to say. . . to convey such an incredible union.

Thank you for your patience with me, your understanding as I juggle both personal and work responsibilities. We have four out of town weddings over the next 6 weeks, 2 boudoir sessions and 3 family portraits. So, I'm here.

But today, I'm not. Today, the woman I want to be is confident, relentless in work but knowing when to r e s t, aware of the circumstances around her, unselfish and willing to lay aside her own petty problems to recognize there is much more in the world, much more around her awaiting to be

I'm only just a r r i v i n g

Shabbat shalom, friends. Remember what you love to do, what makes you most "you" and do that today. You will be most happy you did.


Anonymous said...

Proud of you can do it...Love you, Dad

Anonymous said...

Shabbat, Shabbat, the queen of all days! Thanks for the memory Carli!
love you, Dad