Thursday, September 2

Tori & Caesar | Engaged

I haven't said this in a while, but InkedFingers brides are the coolest women I know. I don't know how it works out that way, I mean I hear bridezilla stories all of the time. . . well my ladies are superwomen, every single one of them. It's probably their eternal optimism no matter the situation, how they so gracefully flow through life, their encouragement to me and others around them... and here is a very small glimpse of that from my inbox last night

I didn't just get a "Dear Carli, Where the heck are my photos?" Oh lovely Tori . . .

Hiiiii my dearest Carli!

i just want to email you to tell you how much i love all the pictures you've been posting...I'm and more and more amazed by the work you do every session you have...

Well thank you for your patience and for just being... a beautiful y o u. I can only imagine how blessed your students are to have y o u as their teacher Ms. Encourager! (I get emails so positive from my Lovelies on a weekly basis. This is my job??)

Keep on shining Tori!

Tori and Caesar met in an airport. Isn't it so appropriate we could shoot here? This was all Tori's doing... See, isn't she wonderful?

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