Monday, October 4

Office S p a c e

design (one of 5 walls)

painting the office grey.

I told myself I had to blog before 9 a.m. Success!

Part of that is because my office is organized! Woohoo.
A place for everything and everything in it's place. I'm not stepping over stacks! Yes!

So I know it's only a few hipstamatic prints but I'll post before and afters soon. My bff and inspiration Renee took my craphole of a home office and made it a space I l o v e to go to, airy and organized. I live there. I've spent more time in this single room then, I would wager, even my bedroom, since we moved here close to a year ago.

inspiration shelf. think this is a lot of journals?
this isn't even 1/8 of them.

The business has picked up the last year, I have no design ability when it comes to interior spaces and ultimately- no time! It's really too bad Renee isn't officially starting her design firm until she's finished her masters because I would tell ALL of my entrepreneurial friends to call her immediately! Get organized! We're creative types. We need to be inspired not dread going to sit in front of the computer to edit for 10 hrs on end. . .

As if one cue, while I compose this I see I have another email from Renee and ha!

She writes "

this place reminded me of you... wouldn't it be cool IF you maybe one day wanted to paint your hutch that dark grey color of the built-ins in the first picture? hmmm.. maybe too daunting but if interested, i'd like to personally help you paint it!...?

would you love to have that antique mug/espresso drying rack?"

Of course it's me. Of course I love that color.
Renee, you are amazingly talented! I'm so blessed to have you in my life!
Thank you for once again transforming my business. (First time's a story for another day)

Let's make it a fabulous week!
Feel the change in the season and let it inspire change in our lives. . .

1 comment:

renee said...

oh, you're a sweetheart! but we're not done yet! i still have more up my sleeve for you and your office!

and hey, i'm not opposed in having side projects to get me through the debts of pursuing my masters ;)

love ya!