Tuesday, November 16

just wait. just wait. and it will come. [john popper]

Almost 11 years ago or was it 12
Jenn sat outside the band hall at Connally high school
It was a brand new high school back then.
"What's your name?" she asked the cute guy.
Her friend had a crush on him.
Well he's too cute to be an Edgar, she thought.
"Well my name's Jennifer" she replied. (I'm sure, with a bashful smile)
She was a cheerleader. He was a basketball player.
His name wasn't really Edgar.

They went on a few dates.
They became good friends.
But life took them on separate paths.
After so many years, life also lead them b a c k into each other's arms.
Only spending a few moments with them, it's easy to see why...

Tim proposed at the exact spot he met Jennifer.
As we walked down the long hall to that spot, a trumpet played scales to a metronome and Jenn looked over at Tim with a "the memories are all flooding back" smirk.
The smells. Those fluorescent lights. Her cheerleader letter jacket she slipped back on. . .

Johnny and I are honored to be a part of your lives!
And so glad you found each other... after all this time.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. You've captured them in such beautiful and memorable settings. You've created works of art. I can't wait to see the rest. THANK YOU!

Kristen said...

you are a wonderful storyteller. of course i already knew this about you, but you can never say it too many times. great images, friend!