Monday, November 22

Moonrun & Long Exposures

If you know me, you know I'm not much for technology.
Or rather, I'll take notes in my 101 journals with a pen and paper over typing on my iphone micro-keyboard any day.
I'd rather hold an antiquated book or glossy magazine over an Ipad.
So I don't like to text. (It's disabled on my phone)
I don't have that many apps.
Well... Except when it comes to photography.

I had the same iphone 3g for 2 years and the camera super sucked on that phone.
The 4g on the other hand...

These are from the instagram app.

From Star Hill Ranch yesterday during the Sosa family's holiday portrait session:

Just after my run on the lake last Friday night and the moon was full:

Sunday night, Johnny and I had a date night.
We took our new tripod-- which was an incredible gift from Renee & Ramon-- headed down to the Pedestrian Bridge and our set up looked something like this:

And with a 20 second shutter speed on our d700, we took photos like this:

And last night I stayed up working on these:

So... the instagram has been my cheap entertainment lately.
It helps me capture my daily life without hauling around the d700.
And we're finally catching up from the insanity of October. Hopefully by Thanksgiving we'll have the last long edit completed!! SO looking forward to not spending 80 hour weeks on the imac.

And later this week I hope to have at least one full wedding blogged from the last 8 we've shot.
It's true... if we've survived 2010, next year will be a piece of cake. :)
Ciao bella! Have a fabulous Monday!


renee said...

So happy you're loving the tripod! Keep up the great work!

Life Style said...

Good Work thanks for share.