Tuesday, November 23

The Perfect Shade of Pink

It's a purply pink, Emerson's room. A few months before the perfect little blessing was born I heard Ashley and Noah:
"It's pink" he said. "We have a pink room in our house!"
"Nooo." Ashley shook her head with a smile. "Noah, It's really almost purple."
To the man from the East coast who is the most manly of men, it was pink. And he would go along withit, but it was pink!

And I don't think he could guess how hard he'd fall for that 6 lb perfection.

Emerson's room...
It's the perfect shade of pink.
I'm sure he hardly notices these days. He's swooning over the girl that's half of him, half of his Lovely. He changes her tiny diapers. He kisses her on the cheek. He holds her close when she cries.

12 days old and she's already a daddy's girl.

And I can't stop saying how wonderful it is to be a small part of this beautiful family.

Feb 2008.
Ashley & Noah's engagements

I couldn't help posting a few of your engagements. Love you guys. :)
Congratulations on your little Emerson.

She's perfect.

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Laura said...

I loved these pictures & had to send them to my friend, who is also about to have a baby girl! What an adorable baby & sweet-looking family!