Tuesday, November 30

Testing testing

Good morning!
We're shooting a holiday party and 3 holiday sessions this coming weekend, so I have one l a s t p u s h before I can get back to some sort of normal work hours. ha. I absolutely love this work, it's just hard for me to sit still at a computer for 10 hour days. :) So thankful to be so busy and working with incredible people. Seriously, I thought my 2010 weddings rocked, my couples in 2011 are a-mazing! And I'm so close to finishing up the weddings and portraits from Oct/Nov...

Until then, blogging time is limited! I've got about 5 weddings to blog and I had the brief opportunity to use my new blog borders this morning. What do you think? Too much?

More on our logo and branding later.

Have a wonderful week, friend! Here's two great photos from Renee and Ramon's Portland wedding. Seriously I need to blog every day we were there, so much to show.

So let's write down our to-dos and get on 'em! Have a wonderfully productive day, Love!

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