Wednesday, January 26

Inkedfingers Albums: Oh the possibilities

Several of our Wedding Collections at Inkedfingers include flush-mount leather albums. It lays flat when you open it, there is not a seam running down the middle and we never *ever glue the pages to the album. All flush-mount albums in our wedding packages are from Forbeyon, a pro album company that blows us away with every album order. They're a local Texas company.

In your Inkedfingers package with the flush-mount album already comes with a black leather cover and a one line inscription.
Although we've always offered upgrades, I've never really taken the time to show my brides the possibilities. Well here, Lovely...
Click on products.
Click on flush mount.
So many textures/colors to choose from. Perhaps a bit overwhelming but we're here to walk you through it!

I've a great love for good design, so we don't send off our albums to have the layouts created.
We create them ourselves! That let's you have a creative say in the final design
and not exclusively in how large or small the photos are in the album but the album cover itself.

A full-bleed cover, also referred to as the Brilliance cover is essentially an image we create from scratch that wraps completely around the cover. (See the guestbook below for an example.)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call.

Sending sunshine your way...

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This is beautiful! Can't wait to get my wedding pictures in a book like this. Thanks for sharing.