Monday, January 24

Simran & Marcos | Two Weddings | Houston Indian & Austin Catholic Wedding

Dear Simran and Marcos,

As I write this now, an andante melody plays by Ingrid Michaelson.
It's simple but beautiful, As the love you two share.

The first time we met Simran was at a cake shop in Houston, TX. She was packed under a pile of books studying her little heart out. How could I know her and her fiance, Marcos would completely steal my heart? The first thing I noticed about her was her smile and her spontaneous laughter... a child-like giggle that would just burst out at the most minor of things.

Simran's family is from India.
Marcos's family is from Mexico.
I've seen, I've felt how two cultures such as this could split families eternally apart.
But now I am witness to one of two days, where two families from two cultures, two societies, a half dozen languages all came together for two people.

To say it moved me, to say I've never witnessed this sort of unconditional love, to say there was a Divine presence fully alive...
is only touching the surface, Love.

For her, Marcos grew a beard and watched that Indian ceremony a dozen times.
For him, Simran bought a white white dress and walked down the aisle of a Catholic Church to a song that will forever remind them.

"When everyone was dancing... I could feel the drums from the song. I could see colors flicking left and right from everyone dancing as one.... So many arms in the air.... bangles up, side to side and it mattered not the shade of anyone's skin, the past or the way they worshipped.
What mattered was it was a celebration, a beating drum, two lives becoming one and the human's drive to move to the rhythm rose up within every soul there. It was a unity I have never felt in my lifetime-- seeing both families come effortlessly together. Surely God was there, for I could see Him as Marcos held her when they danced and as Sam toasted such an incredible speech."

And you know what?
That's what love is.
That's what love does.

Simran hired us for her Austin, TX wedding the middle of last year. It wasn't until the end of last year that she started planning the January Indian wedding. We were already unfortunately booked, but we asked Chung from WhosHu Photography and Eric from Serendipity to help us out, both from Houston. They knocked our socks off. They photographed the Indian ceremony in Houston for us, we photographed the Catholic ceremony a week later in Austin.

So in Simran's own words, "Who can say they've had two weddings and they've both been the weddings of their dreams - to the same man?!"

Here's a sneak peek from the Indian wedding. Simran and Marcos, you two are amazing. I learn so much from my couples, every wedding.
From you, I learn how to love. . .

And here's a few from the Austin wedding . . .

More on the way, Lovely. . .

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Ziggy's Adventures said...

I loved the introduction and the pictures that followed. On another note, I was pleasantly surprised to get a shout out about my speech! I look forward to seeing more pics...especially some of the costumes changes.