Monday, January 24

To inspire

I've got so much to blog this week! I'll start with some inspiration for your week.

In short, this is a visual artist's paradise:
A virtual pinboard for you to collet all of the photographs that inspire you online.
I've "pinned" my favorite poses, the house I one day dream of creating, the paper products I can't live without, future branding for Inked Fingers...
Brides you could use it to plan your wedding, pinning colors, dresses, concepts all on different boards.
And the list goes on and on.

It's so wonderful having the iphone 4 and the app instagram, if for no other reason than in less than 30 seconds I can take a great photograph, add a filter and upload it online. That's pretty stellar if you ask me. It allows me to be in the moment without lugging a 10 lb camera on my shoulder. Between the depth of field from the camera app and the TiltShift app, it' sick how artsy I can be with one little phone!

// running on a rainy day.

// town lake swan.

// out and about.

//the bridge to nowhere. also known as the construction of 290 against a texas sunset.

// reflections of simran and marcos. sunday morning edits.

// loner. in austin it's rare to find a single bird on a wire downtown.

// gathering inspiration for selina's shoot.

// early saturday morning. if we don't have a wedding that's our one day off, for making challah french toast and sleeping in. heaven.

// Sneak Peek from Selina and Ryan and *soon to be Sophia Renee

Lastly, I shall leave you with this amazing quote I found through my sis-in-law Julie, from Pinterest::

beauty in life is art.
so let's go make the world more beautiful, shall we?

ciao bella. have an incredible week!

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Ryan said...

I started using Instagram a couple of days ago and was immediately drawn to your photos. I've been truly inspired by your work, so thank you for sharing!

-Ryan (@ryanyard on Instagram)