Tuesday, February 15

i like pretty things

and so does my friend Laura. you should go check out her blog: sunshine and starlight! she's been the sunshine in my life the last few months! she emailed me the video below this afternoon as i was waist-deep in photoshop. such a pleasant distraction it was. thank you feather fairy! (thats my nick name for her. :)

so here it is, 11:52, finished the save the dates and now it's on to a greeting card and editing a birthday party! may you rest in peaceful sleep this beautiful cool evening... and now i have sent pretty things your way. dream of exploring foreign streets, sipping a short latte from a new cafe, sunshine, holding the hand of one that's important to you... ... delightful memories of beautiful people in your life...

ciao bella!

ps: tomorrow i'd like to show you a few of the save-the-date mock ups i designed for jessica and steven today, a few of my favorite instagram photos from this week and i have a suprise! so much! don't go far! xo

1 comment:

Laura Elizabeth said...

I love pretty things too!! I knew you would like this. xoxo!