Monday, February 14

What is Love?

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds...

Have you ever done something to hurt someone you love? It wasn't intentional. Or maybe it was. But there comes a pivotal moment in your relationship... when the person you've wronged either chooses to forgive you and then they begin the ever difficult process of re-building trust, or the person you've wronged walks away.

Love is not love, which alters, when it alteration finds...

This week, I hurt someone I love. It wasn't intentional. But there was a pivotal moment when they could have walked away... but being the patient & loving person they are, though I hurt them, they listened and their forgiveness of what I had done heaped coals on my heart.
Love, it is an "ever fixed mark". It doesn't stop when you've done something wrong. Love doesn't hide from the truth, it embraces it and we are all only human... Love overcomes.

As difficult as it was to say what I did wrong, it was even more difficult to say "I am sorry I hurt you"... but Love is patient, Love keeps no record of wrongs.

I could quote you 1 Corinthians by heart but it is in these relationships that He has given me, which He turns these words of stone into a living, breathing gut-wrenching never-going-to-be-without-you commitment.

He doesn't make us climb to the mountain's top, without giving us a view...

With true love, comes a covenant, whether it be toward your best friend or your boyfriend or your spouse. No matter what they've done, no matter how hurt you feel, let love reign. Coming from she who has been forgiven, unconditional love is insurmountable.

Not only today, but in our heart of hearts let us know and be love.

To you who has forgiven me: I love you. Today, tomorrow and forever. Thank you... ...

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