Tuesday, March 29

IG Tuesday

We arrive at the second week of IG (Instagram) Tuesdays.
Perhaps this is one of my favorites I have ever taken with my iphone. Or maybe my favorite of inanimate objects. ;)

The pencil box was given to me with a matching journal by my Dad's mom, when I was in high school. The twin lens doesn't work, unfortunately and the felt pen, well, I can't live without felt pens and a blush brush!

Early in the week I cracked my *favorite mug. I've had this baby since 2004! I suppose it's served me well. I still need to find time to super glue it. If you know how much I love my brew, perhaps you'll understand just how sentimental this mug is. When I moved out on my own this was the first set of mugs I purchased for my little place...

I did a little experiment. I took the same 4 objects for the below 2 photographs and rearranged them differently to see what sort of response I got on IG. Funny, no one even commented on that. I posted them within minutes of each other. Of course the shot from above got 500+ likes and the other not even 200.
Presentation is everything.

This was taken during our Mexico trip. I just applied two filters and tilt-shifted it. I love the light and that my two most favorite items are in this: brew & journal.

I'll leave you with this last photo, as I still have Suzanne and Rubens to upload this afternoon!
A few nights ago I couldn't sleep and I ended up pulling the classic and one of my all time fave books The Count of Monte Cristo off the shelf for a quick flip through. It's been years since I've read it, but I've already read it a couple of times. As luck would have it I turned to this page. Then everything from this chapter came flooding back...

Wait and Hope, Lovely.
All human wisdom is summed up in those three words.

(Sneak peek of Meg&Lee's engagements and Janet&Ben's spectacular wedding later in the week)
*sending all my love, carli

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Anonymous said...

Now I want to read The Count of Monte Cristo. I love the picture of your journal, pen, and mug. It looks so peaceful, light, and quiet. Love it.