Tuesday, March 22

IG Tuesdays / Recovery

Good morning, Lovely,

After two weeks of laying on my back from surgery, I can say I've never had such a hard time getting back into a routine. Two days before the Austin marathon, Feb 18 I was diagnosed with a 3 inch ovarian cyst. I'm a pretty healthy girl, but suddenly the mysterious symptoms and pains I had been experiencing for the last 5 months made sense. (Listen to your body! Even a routine exam in January didn't detect it, but a simple ultrasound could have!) That following weekend I was taken to the ER from excruciating pain and learned the cyst was cutting off the circulation to my ovary/fallopian tube. Thankfully, my obgyn was able to operate right then and there, I went home that night from the ER and was stuck in bed, instructed to do *almost nothing for the next 2-3 weeks.

The first few days home were intense. I couldn't brush my hair on my own, much less get out of bed to cook! For this independent woman that prided herself on "do-it-yourself" I could do nothing but ask Johnny for everything, to do everything and... it was the ultimate lesson in humility. Perhaps John has never had to be so much of a nurse, but he is the best I've known. He was so patient, so willing to make sure I was comfortable 100% of the time. If I hadn't already told him thank you a hundred times, this would sound more sincere, but him & I, we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for his sacrificing his daily routine to help me heal... I love you. ;)

Although I did photograph the healing of my surgery incisions (can barely look at them now myself) here's my outlook on life during those moments. From laying flat on my back eating only cinnamon toast, to the first time I was able to get out and about, to the rodeo last weekend with Johnny and great friends. I'll try to keep the captions as close to as they were when I took them. They were shot on my iphone. Most filters applied through the app Instagram or Iris.

I've so much to be thankful for. Today, to Life.

*all my love, carli

* bed-ridden and cinnamon constellations

*( there was no caption here. only pain, i suppose.)

* Imagining one of my favorite places to be, the pennybacker bridge. Created with the smallworld app.

*starting my morning off with lemon water, instead of coffee for the first time in my life

*Today I noticed remnants of spring. My basil and parsley survived the freeze and I've packets of vegetable seeds awaiting germination. So much life... so much growth and healing and change happening in and around me.
* johnny took me outside yesterday. It was my first interation with the outside world in 8 days. Every day gets a little better, a little easier to move, be it still slowly.

*#assignment62 @assignm3nt Define Your Belief.
#1 I believe there's a G-d overhead who is compassionate and desires a relationship with everyone on this earth. I believe He defines love, He is love.
#2. Made in the likeness of our Creator we need to create. I've a little herb garden. It's amazing what some soil, sunshine and seeds can produce. Without the ability to make, to create , to change, we are nothing.
#3. I believe it's our responsibility to count our days. They are short and fleeting. Photographs of moments past allow me this opportunity to remember... my mistakes and the trials I have lived through and His faithfulness. And I've been given this gift of life. Surely there is no greater gift than two eyes that can perceive and believe there is art all around us. It is only waiting to be found. *much love, carli

*I've 3 packages to mail to my Lovelies. Perhaps creating them is as delightful as receiving them!

* everything is in the hands of heaven, except the fear of heaven... i do not know what the Master of the Universe has waiting for us / certain things are given , it is for man to use them to bring goodness into the world / the master of the universe gives us glimpses, only glimpses

(This was taken almost two weeks exactly from the date of my surgery, while walking out of the obgyn's office, where I got the "You're on the road to normal!" line. It was a quick shot, I saw that tree and how it absorbed me, flipped my phone up briefly to take the photo and kept walking. It wasn't until later that day when I captioned it that I realized how incredible it really was, for I was relearning so many things in life...)

* In the words of the great William Wordsworth:: To begin, begin.

And thus the road to recovery became learning how to live.

*It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves [E. Hillary] This week I shot my first wedding since my operation. This was taken at the reahearsal. So much peace in that moment as the sun was setting and nothing could be heard but the scraping of dried leaves across the porch and the wind rustling the new leaves...

* after hours// worked hard sitting at this beast

* Our friends and love in Japan.... You are on our hearts. #prayforjapan

(Finally beginning to feel like myself again ;)

This is a hand-drawing by a fellow IG-er I met up with during sxsw, Kyle Steed who was to in town. Here's his website: Kyle Steed He is an incredible designer. So thankful for this gesture of kindness. Thank you again, Kyle!

* fast, life. short, a memory. love, to infinity & beyond. listen to your heart. it's a still small voice reminding us every day is a chance. live.

*chasing shadows

* happy

The End.

Or wait. Scratch that.
The Beginning...


Rendog1977 said...

This is a great reminder to enjoy every day. I am glad you are doing better. Always remember there are so many people that love you. Have a wonderful week. Thank you for your inspiring words and photos.

Stacy Cross said...

Oh my gosh, I had NO idea you had been through that! So sorry, friend! Hope you're feeling much better now!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad you are on the mend and seem to have a fresh outlook on life. I love this group of pictures, especially the grapefruit :-}

kgvollmer said...

Much love Carli, think about you often. So sorry you had to go through that!