Monday, March 28

Music Monday :: Something in the Water

The tile of Brooke Fraser's newest album, Flags, was inspired by her writing trips into the more remote parts of the US.

“I was traversing these incredible landscapes and wondering at all the people who had worked this land and what their lives were like, how they had come to arrive in and then leave these places. One day this image of a flag popped into my mind and I thought, ‘Our lives are like flags – flying for a short while, a stake in the ground, marking our territory,’” she says. “We fly our colors – our history, belief system, culture, identity – but eventually our flag will wear out and return to the ground and someone else’s flag will replace our own. I feel like that theme weaves its way through my new songs, like ‘Ice On Her Lashes’, ‘Crows and Locusts’ and of course ‘Flags’. The characters in these songs were flags, and now we’ve come to plant our flags in the ground where they once were.”

I couldn't wait to post this video for Music Monday! I'm loving the quirky paper animation (is that what it is?) and vintage props. You might also check out the song "Betty" which she co-wrote with Jon Foreman and another of my favorites "Sailboats". "Sailboats" is an acoustic waltz she wrote to her husband. The love song's simple, upbeat and would be lovely at a wedding!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for pointing this out! It's a beautiful song!